Risk Management

  • the loss of momentum from a partner getting divorced and having the financial consequences affect the business due to the absence of a partnership agreement or a domestic agreement to keep the business assets out of the legal divorce process.​

A Good Risk Management Plan addresses:
  1. What can go wrong? For example, what happens to company profits with the unexpected loss of key employees?
  2. How can we prevent the problem from occurring and minimize the damage if it does occur? Do we have retention programs? Do we have Insurance? 
  3. How do we pay for related losses and damages?

The Intueri Group works closely with our clients and their other advisors to identify areas of both business and personal risk, which could impede our clients’ ability to achieve their goals and objectives.

Our goal is to help create a comprehensive risk management strategy which allows them to sleep well knowing these three questions have been answered and their business has a much greater chance of survival and growth.  Taking the strategy one step further, we help to put concrete solutions in place. We also provide for annualized reviews to make sure the solutions are working and that the ownership and business are still on track to achieve goals and objectives.

What is it & Why is it important?​


​​Risk is the possibility of a loss or a seriously crippling business event occurring that has the ability to impede the client's ability to achieve their goals and objectives.

For example:

  • the loss of a key employee due to factors such as retirement, death, disability, illness or a far superior compensation offer from a competitor.