Human Resource (HR) needs will vary from business to business and depend largely on the culture, including goals and values, of both the company and its employees. Establishing and implementing a solid foundation which includes a Strategic Human Resources Plan, is a critical part of any business planning process. 

The most effective management of HR includes strategies to address both the challenges and opportunities that come from being:

  • an employer or manager
  • an owner/operator
  • a partner or director

Leadership & Succession

How can I set my leadership team up for future success?  

  • organizational leadership capability assessments and development plans 

How do I hire the right person, and then keep them?   

  • development of effective attraction and selection practices  
  • implementation of engagement measurements and motivational assessments 

How do I show employees that the company is here to stay?  

  • building succession planning frameworks to address short & long term business plans  
  • incorporating employee participation in planning and goal setting  
  • communicating business goals, objectives and targets, along with progress updates  
  • sharing transition plans with key employees in the event of owner/leadership changes

Motivation & Engagement

What do I need to do to make this company into a great place for employees to work?

  • defining and transforming workplace culture
  • enhancing generational connectivity 
  • internal and external branding of people practices

How do I become an Employer of Choice? 

  • targeting, measuring and managing employee engagement 
  • establishment of practices and processes that link employees and business success 
  • fine tuning every process related to Arrivals, Journeys, & Departures 

How do you tell which employees perform better than others?  

  • development of shared goals/objectives 
  • introducing innovative methods for motivating and assessing performance  
  • linking metrics to business strategies 

Why can't we all just get along?  

  • identifying and maximizing the benefits of cultural diversity and inclusion  
  • highlighting the success that comes from being diversified (just like investing!) 
  • establishing rules of engagement  
  • training and awareness building around sensitivity, harassment, discrimination, bullying

Technical & Regulatory

Who has time to keep track of all these changes?  

  • establishment & implementation of an infrastructure to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and employment & labour laws 
  • outsourcing or hybrid administration of key functions 

Our (accountant/office manager) keeps track of "all that stuff". How do I know we're on the right track? 

  • reviewing of existing plans or programs (payroll, group health benefits, compensation, pension/retirement, various monetary & non-monetary benefit offerings)  
  • cost/benefit analysis 

There has to be an easier way. Do we really need a full time person looking after 'X'? 

  • review of process and implementation/upgrade of technologies to improve performance, accuracy, and efficiency  
  • positional/career assessment (right person, right place, right time)

Organizational Development

I need to see greater efficiencies from my employees. Can we do more with less? 

  • assessment and re-engineering of organizational people processes 

How do we get everyone going in the same direction?  

  • leading or facilitating business planning or mission, vision and values development sessions (employees, managers / leaders, owners/ partners/  boards of directors)  
  • developing and implementing supportive company wide communications  
  • review of organizational structure; elimination of road blocks/silos 

We've been acquired and I'm being asked a lot of questions. Help! OR/AND We're about to acquire another business - what questions should I be asking?  

  • management and coordination of HR matters as part of due diligence, integration, and post mortem for mergers and acquisitions 

How do we up our game to compete more effectively in our marketplace/industry?  

  • growing a culture of self-development  
  • building infrastructures to recognize and reward for achieving key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • highlighting the importance of training & education through company sponsorship, apprenticeship, and leadership opportunities 

How do I get my employees onside? How do you achieve "buy-in"? 

  • management and advocacy of change  
  • provision of support through business transformation

A Passion for People

Strategic HR​


Whether your need is for grassroots development and implementation of operational HR, or something more involved, like strategic people planning, interim leadership, succession development, or specialized project management - we can help.

Drawing on best practices and years of experience, we customize our solutions and work closely with our clients through development, implementation and follow up.