It's Your Legacy.  What's Your Plan?


How do you choose which family member(s) will run the business?

Are they qualified to run the business? 
Do they have the passion? 
How much time do they need before they are ready? 
What are the tax consequences of a transfer of ownership? 
Will the Banks pull loans if they have no confidence in the chosen family member(s)?


Do you actually know the fair market value of your business? 
How do you maximize the value of your business? 
What is your timeline to sell?  5yrs? 10? ... 6 months?
What are the tax consequences of selling?
What happens if you die before you have a chance to sell?


News Flash! There's more to this. Have you considered.....

What's involved in a Management Buy-out?
What is a Private Equity Investor?
What are the benefits to working with a Business Intermediary?

Succeeding Together

The Intueri Group provides an integrated, systematic approach to identifying, developing, retaining and protecting key employees in line with current and projected business objectives.  We work with our clients to develop employees to fill key areas and positions that are critical to the organization's ongoing operations and long-term goals; aligning strategic goals and human resources to enable the “right person, right place, right time” philosophy, to achieve desired business results.

To Your Succession

Succession planning has many benefits for employers and employees
  • Builds value and protects the legacy of your business
  • Secures the financial stake of shareholders and investors
  • Provides for unexpected events like death, disability and critical illnesses as well as retirement and divorce
  • Offers you a plan for what happens during and after the business
  • Gives you the ability to exit the business on your terms, within your timeline
  • Allows owners and managers to know and recognize key employees for present and future planning
  • Keeps employees engaged in the company mission and vision knowing they are being groomed and offered development opportunities. Engaged employees tend to stay longer.
  • Great companies are committed to Mentorship and employee development.



We believe succession is a goal, a process, and a result.  It is the act of achieving success.

A good succession plan will help to make the transfer of your business go smoothly, and allow you to maintain solid relationships with employees and business partners.