To help answer these questions and to maximize their retirement income and lifestyle, we will use the Intueri SevenStep process.   The major benefit of the retirement counselling service is personal peace of mind for executives, allowing them to focus more on company succession and mentorship solutions.

The SevenSteps

The identification of intuition is your reality - defined; a snapshot of the present. It is time to find answers to foundational questions such as

  • “Who..What..Where..How are you?”
  • “Why are you doing…?”
  • “Why do you need help (from us)?”

These identity building questions must be tackled on the journey to the truth. The sooner the truth is uncovered, the faster the work can begin to assess and develop strategies to prevent current issues from becoming future catastrophes. Some people know what they want but need help efficiently identifying or allocating resources to get it, or managing risks that will keep them from getting what they want. Others need help in defining who they are and what they need.

Prioritize notions and nuances; identify realistic, attainable goals; and separate them from whims and distractions. Learn to let go of the things over which we have no control. A good navigator will rely on tools and techniques to plot a course and move forward. Documents, facts, time honored/tested tools are your friend.

Create momentum by considering different plans or courses of action necessary to achieve defined goals. Take macro concepts and chunk them down into shorter term objectives and tasks; identify milestones and trouble-shoot future roadblocks or challenges. Outsiders will begin to notice something taking shape – an external sign that the internal battles are paying off. 

Shift attention towards analysis and evaluation of the cost and opportunity cost of alternatives related to each of the different plans or courses of action (defined in the previous stage). Realize there may be multiple ‘right’ answers to the same question.  Link beliefs and actions to Vision and strive to understand not only what must be done but why. AH-HA!

It is time to transform potential energy into kinetic energy; introduce the concept of the "strategic advisor" and begin the process of assembling a strategic advisory team.  The purpose of team is to work closely with you, offering insight, guidance, support, correction, expertise, mentorship, and more. The team function is to keep you headed true North; yours is to use them for this purpose and increase your peace of mind.

Time and effort invested to this point, exposing issues and potential pitfalls, uncovering goals, and formulating steps to mitigate risk can bring about high levels of anxiety. At a certain point, the more you put into something, the less you see in return; it’s called diminishing marginal returns.  Pause and check progress to date; rest, relax, and recharge knowing that solutions are being put in place. The aim is simply to recognize how far you have come, and to celebrate new found peace of mind. 

Implement a process of and schedule regular reviews to ensure action plans remain on track. Economic, social, political, and lifestyle changes make it necessary to adjust any future oriented action plan over time to keep goals and objectives on a course for success.  Turn the steps into a cycle by incorporating innovative and integrative methodologies to strengthen the plan and to confirm the continued presence of foundational truths.

Embracing INTUERI

Executive Retirement Planning Services​

As many key executives approach retirement they will have unanswered questions. 

  • how much retirement income will I need every month?
  • will I outlive my retirement savings?
  • how do I maximize my investment returns and minimize taxes?
  • will I have enough money to pay for long term care, if needed?