Resolutions have a way of really bringing the crazy out in people.  Simply the changing of one minute to the next turns the average human being into a promise making, vow taking, “I swear it’s gonna happen this year”, fanatical follower.  Every year, same thing.

I can appreciate the dilemma. The New Year came early for me, in fact, it snuck up out of nowhere. Suddenly, there was a clean slate to welcome in (um, hello – I’m still working hard on a full slate), not to mention the usual fuss about business planning, marketing, communication strategies, customer appreciation programs, family (goodness, can’t leave that bit out), etc. etc. and, oh yes, the requisite “resolution”.

The reality is that many of us fall into a cycle of making resolutions then getting so busy with life that we forget about them; only to come face to face with our failure right about the same time next year. This pattern is not only unfulfilling but demotivating and even destructive. It’s no wonder that many stop making resolutions altogether.  

I am in favor of making a resolution but not of limiting myself to one thing. You see, it’s the “one thing” that has been distracting me from my success, year over year.  I am a busy person and I have many things on the go at any one point in time. Why add something totally out of character and try to “fix it” before year end? 

It is with this perspective in mind that I chose to try something a little different - radical even. This year I am placing a strangle hold on ‘the old’ and going nuclear with my business/personal plans for the upcoming year. Knowing that true change and solutions come through careful planning and looking ahead, this year the only thing I resolve to do is - solve. 

Whatever comes my way, I am putting my head in the space where I am here to:

  • be part of the team who both dreams about and accomplishes things;
  • join the environment where you celebrate change;
  • be part of the solution, not part of the problem;
  • ask for help and surround myself with people who also look to solve;
  • do what feels uncomfortable first, then the easy and familiar;
  • say more, “yes, and”, less “yeah, but”;
  • offer insights, feedback, options, alternatives, and … SOLUTIONS!

I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that you’re probably still trying to figure out how to drop 20lbs in a healthy way, or fill that long standing Sales Director vacancy, or spend quality time with the kids, or eat less fast food, or save more money because your spouse wants you to ...retire.  Eventually, I’ll hit on your New Year’s statement of choice or the fact that you didn’t make any resolution at all.  

Research will show that we are more likely to achieve our goals/plans/resolutions, if we have a strong support team. We will be more successful as a group, than as an individual.  This is where you come in, especially if you didn’t make a resolution at all.  I encourage you to join me and take on the New Year with a different perspective.   

Solutions will take different forms; some readily apparent like the completion of a Partnership Agreement, the hiring of a key employee, or contributing to an RRSP. Others may take years to play out. For example, a business doesn’t transition to a new paradigm without effort and buy-in; next generation family members don’t just jump appear in a succession plan and take the helm without proper training and guidance; those 20lbs don’t melt overnight... 

As you think about your business or your personal plans for the year ahead, consider how they might be affected by a simple change of your mindset. If you were keenly aware of always being committed to ‘solving’ instead of ‘fixing’, what might happen? 




​How does one keep it short, sweet, and still satisfying? Fix the problem. Admit you can’t do everything. Ask for help. Read the manual. Challenge yourself – maybe a gym membership. Let it go. Two heads are better than one (except when one isn’t really committed). Did we pay the utilities? Who has signing authority? Is that legal? I really need a coffee! Too busy, 100 things to do, Jack of all Trades, Master of Nothing - currently. They quit?  

Can someone fix this printer?!  Paris in the Spring….